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Myself and ex-QPR and now Watford central defender Dan Shittu Top Chumps cardWelcome to my webpages devoted to football. Despite being a lifelong fan of English Championship side, QPR, I am still in love with the game of football and the action, drama and controversy it generates. Not being able to play as much as I liked (see Top Chumps card), I’ve contented myself with casual kickarounds, watching, reading and writing enthusiastically about the sport as well as giving the occasional coaching session.

Get Moving Click through the following pages to see The Books and learn more about Clive’s writing followed by Improve Your Game with advice for young footballers on techniques, tactics and attitude.

Clive with ex-England internationals, Dave Watson, Alan Kennedy and David Johnson
Clive (left) on the move at QPR
and (above) with ex-England players
Dave Watson, Alan Kennedy and
David Johnson after a kids' coaching

Quotes and Stories showcases some of football’s marvellous records, trivia and quotes and is currently packed with lots of World Cup action. Hit The Net is a collection of links to excellent, child-safe football websites, many of which are of interest to adults.

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