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13. Claws and Effect

Hi boys and girls, Reg here, the tabby who’s far from shabby. Now, I’m very sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote, but hey, no one’s purrrfect, not even me…ow!

I had a wonderful surprise recently. Clive’s friends, Sarah and David Cousens are terrific artists. They worked with Clive on some books which I liked…well, I liked Clive sitting down in one place as I could then sit on him (he didn’t seem to mind). He sat there for ages and ages. Last week, I opened Clive’s mail (he doesn’t know this) with my razor sharp claws only to find a wonderful painting of me in my favourite pose, asleep on the window ledge. It’s absolutely tabby-tastic and I’ve included a small version of it here for all you Reg fans out there. I’m delighted with the painting – you could say I’m as chuffed as a cat who’s found a giant rodent for dinner – an enormouse! Makes me feel sleepy looking at itssszzzzz zzzz.

Sorry about that, had to take a short cat nap. Now, where was I? Ah yes, I had to have those razor sharp claws of mine clipped at the dreaded V…E…T recently. Silly Clive thinks that by spelling the word, “vet” out, I won’t understand but he underestimates me at his peril. As soon as I see that cat box coming out from the cellar, I dash off. Trouble is, Clive knows where I tend to hide and, at my advanced age, I’m not quite as fast on my paws as I used to be. So, it’s off to the vets we go, out come the clippers and suddenly my claws are gone. I tell you, on the way back I was in a bad mewd. But what Clive doesn’t know is that I already have a furry cunning plan to still open his letters using the steam from his coffee purrrculator.

Until next time, Stay Furry
Paw print Reg Gifford

Q: Why is a thirsty cat like a long distance runner on the track?
A: He keeps going back for one more lap!