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The Kingfisher Motorsports Encyclopedia - Packed with Facts!

There are dozens of great websites found in The Kingfisher Motorsports Encyclopedia. Here are some additional sites. If you'd like to recommend a site, send an email to Motorsports Websites.

With the 2007 Formula One season up and running, here are some F1 websites featuring the leading teams and drivers.
After a superb third place in his first ever F1 drive, Lewis Hamilton is the name on everyone’s lips. Find out more about this young British driver at his official website.
The man to beat after a pair of back to back F1 championships. This is Alonso’s official website crammed with data and interesting features.

The official Ferrari website, frequently updated with features, data and news on their Formula One race team.
A website dedicated to the driver many think most likely to overturn Alonso this season, the superfast Finn, Kimi Raikkonen.
Kimi 's newly-launched official website packed with flash animations and details of the driver’s career.
In-depth technical, statistical and historical analysis of Formula One racing and its teams and drivers’ careers.

Team McLaren
The homepage of Team McLaren Mercedes's official website with details of their drivers and cars.


NASCAR action Foxsports Nascar
Fox TV’s dedicated webpages on NASCAR with bang up to date news and statistics on the Nextel Cup and its drivers and teams.
A NASCAR-focused website with latest standings and news as well as driver and car profiles.
Excellent news website focused on many aspects of racing in North America including drag racing, karting, sprint and midget cars.

Motocross riders on the start line
Homepage of the FIM – the body that runs many of the world’s major motorcycling racing competitions including Enduro, MotoGP and Superbikes.

UK Motor Sport
A chaotic but incredibly useful site which contains hundreds of links to other motorsports websites. Use the ‘Tell Me About’ pull down menu to select a particular type of racing from rallying to drag racing.


See those mowers go! We’re not kidding. Lawnmower racing is a deadly serious business and is covered in the book. Here are some websites devoted to this eccentric but very exciting brand of low-cost motorsport.

The home of UK lawnmower racing
Homepage of the British Lawn Mower Racing Association with lots of information on events, getting started and the different groups of lawnmower racing classes.

US mower mayhem
The official website of the US lawnmower racing association complete packed with downloads, rule books, news, great photo and video galleries and event details.


Motor racing is not just for boys. There have been many successful women drivers and riders in a range of different motorsports classes including Lella Lombardi (the first woman to score championship points in Formula One) and Danica Sue Patrick, the first woman to lead the prestigious Indy 500.

The Racer Chick website mascot
A terrific website packed with profiles of great and up-and-coming women racers.
The official website of Formula Woman, the first major all-female racing competition with details of drivers and race events.
Homepage of the British Women’s Racing Drivers’ Club.
A handy news site concerned with the latest results and achievements of female racers.


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